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Canevas is a socially responsible private centre founded by four art therapists who value humanistic and creative qualities. Having gained experience in different fields of interest, the founders decided to join forces and create an art therapy centre promoting the values of social responsibility and inclusiveness.

The team’s complementary expertise provides a strong clinical framework and a therapeutic space that gives a creative voice to a variety of populations. Canevas is the first privately owned clinical art therapy center in Montreal offering services to such a diversified clientele.

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Canevas is committed to social change and ensuring the psychological well-being of the wider community. We firmly believe that people in low economic situations should have access to clinical art therapy services. Our mandate is to democratize and demystify clinical art therapy for the general public and to provide more free services,through the Canevas en attente program.



Our mission is to offer private art therapy services to diverse populations as well as providing free art therapy services with our Canevas en attente model for low income clients. We joined forces to augment the social impact of our mission statement which is dedicated to fulfilling our vision of providing affordable art therapy services for all.

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because our services are tailored to a large range of people and are available in several languages: (French, English, Quebec Sign Language [LSQ]). We provide individual and group services for all age groups (children, adolescents, adults). We offer support for people with different challenges related to their mental and emotional health (see ‘reasons for consultation’ section). Neurodiverse people and people identifying with certain communities (Deaf community, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer [LGBTQ +] community, diverse cultural communities, etc,) are welcome.

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because the following measures are taken to ensure accessibility: fees for individual sessions are based on the client's income (sliding scale); we offer affordable group therapy rates; our services are available in French, English and Quebec Sign Language, and more importantly we have created a new, innovative model, known as Canevas en attente that offers a portion of our services for free.

Why chose Canevas

Canevas’ professional art therapists have a master’s degree in art therapy and are qualified to work and adapt to clients of all ages experiencing various difficulties. Thanks to the Canevas en attente program, each person who chooses Canevas’ services has an opportunity to contribute to it.



Marie-Soleil Blanchet, Mia Hébert, Marie-Pier Malo and Gabrielle Gingras (from left to right) met at Concordia University as part of the MA in Art Therapy. Following their internships where they specialized in different fields, they joined together to create a centre that offers accessible clinical art therapy services for all. Their work environment is based on communication, mutual support and creativity. Inspired by one another’s talents and unique areas of specialization, they co-created a space enhanced by creative, authentic communication and innovative projects.


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Canevas Centre recognizes that it is located on unceded lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. We would like to acknowledge and honor the wisdom of First Nations, Inuit and Métis knowledge which shows that the creative arts have always played a central role in healing practices and daily life.